Airport Engineering Briefs provide additional information about airport eingineering, design, and constructions standards and specifications included in advisory circulars

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Engineering Briefs
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Description Date
Full Set (ZIP, 16 MB) Download the Full Set of Engineering Briefs as a Zipped File Mar. 26, 2014
EB92 (PDF) Light Spacing Guidance for New Taxiway Fillet Geometry (per AC 150/5300-13A, Airport Design) Nov. 29, 2013
EB91 (PDF, 1.3 MB) Management of Vegetation in the Airport Environment Nov. 15, 2013
EB90 Reserved NA
EB89 (PDF) Taxiway Nomenclature Convention Mar. 29, 2012
EB88 Reserved NA
EB87 (PDF) Heliport Perimeter Light for Visual Meteorological Conditions Jan. 13, 2012
EB86 Reserved NA
Draft EB85 (PDF) Ductile Snowplow Protection Ring And Installation Procedures Dec. 3, 2014
Draft EB84 (PDF) Remote Maintenance and Monitoring of ALCMS and L-821 Computerized Control Panels Feb. 22, 2011
EB83 (PDF, 3.54 MB) In Pavement Light Fixture Bolts (revised 3/6/2012) June 29, 2010
EB82 Reserved NA
EB81 Use of Guidance for Runway Centerline to Parallel Taxiway/Taxilane Centerline Separation for Boeing 747-8 - Cancelled
(Superseded by AC 150/5300-13A Change 1)
Mar. 12, 2010
EB80 (PDF) Use of Interim Taxiway Edge Safety Margin Clearance for Airplane Design Group VI Mar. 12, 2010
EB79 (PDF, 1.32 MB) Determining RSA NAVAID Frangibility and Fixed-By-Function Requirements July 13, 2009
EB78 (PDF) Linear Equations for Evaluating the Separation of Airplane Design Groups on Parallel Taxiways and Taxiways to Fixed/Movable Objects Sept. 28, 2012
EB77 (PDF) Interim Fabrication and Installation Procedures for Adjustable Light Bases and Extensions Feb. 2008
EB76 (PDF) Using Solar Power for Airport Obstruction Lighting Jan. 14, 2008
EB75 (PDF) Incorporation of Runway Incursion Prevention into Taxiway and Apron Design Nov. 8, 2007
EB74A (PDF) Use of 150-foot (45-M) Wide Runways and Blast Pads for Boeing 747-8 Operations Aug. 11, 2011
EB73 (PDF) Use of Non-Standard 75-Foot- (23-M) Wide Straight Taxiway Sections for Boeing 747-8 Taxiing Operations Nov. 27, 2007
EB72A (PDF) Positive Identification of Runways for Landing Nov. 2, 2007
Draft EB7X Rejuvenation Product Qualification Procedure and Requirements - Cancelled NA
EB71 Modification to Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles - Cancelled
(Superseded by AC 150/5220-10D)
Feb. 1, 2006
EB70 Accelerated Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Exposed to Runway Deicing Chemicals - Cancelled
(Superseded by AC 150/5370-10)
Dec. 13, 2005
EB69 General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Survey Airport Imagery Acquisition and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey (Volume B) - Cancelled
(Superseded by AC 150/5300-17)
July 7, 2005
Draft EB68 Four Component Coal-Tar Sealer Rejuvenator - Cancelled NA
EB67D (PDF) Light Sources Other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures Mar. 6, 2012
EB66 (PDF) Rubblized Portland Cement Concrete Base Course Feb. 13, 2004
EB65A (PDF) Use of 150-Foot- (45-M) Wide Runways for Airbus A380 Operations Dec. 10, 2007
EB64D (PDF) Runway Status Lights System May 9, 2011
EB63B (PDF) Taxiways for Airbus A380 Taxiing Operations (Supersedes EB 63a) Nov. 27, 2007
EB62 (PDF) Polymer Composite Micro-Overlay for Fuel-Resistant Wearing Surfaces Dec. 20, 2002
EB61 Installation Procedures for Adjustable Light Bases and Extensions - Cancelled Feb. 6, 2001
EB60 (PDF) Semi-Flexible Wearing Course for Apron Pavement Jan. 16, 2001
EB59A (MS Word)
Item P-401 Plant Mix Bituminous Pavements (Superpave). This brief provides guidance on using asphaltic mixtures designed using Superpave techniques. (Supersedes EB 59)
Background Information (PDF)
Background Information (MS Word)
May 12, 2006
EB59 Item P-401 Plant Mix Bituminous Pavements (Superpave) - Cancelled Dec. 18, 2001
EB58 Lighting and Signage of Declared Distance Runways - Cancelled Dec. 8, 1999
EB57 (PDF) Extended Q-Value Table for Estimating Percent of Lot Within Limits (Pwl).
Q-Value and PWL Table (MS Excel)
May 19, 1999
EB56 (PDF, 1.19 MB) Development of Revised Acceptance Criteria for Item P-401 and Item P-501. Jan. 27, 1999
EB55 (PDF) Controlled Low Strength Material (Clsm). May 21, 1996
EB54A (PDF) Field Modifications to Airport Lighting Equipment Oct. 6, 1995
EB54 Acceptance of Airport Lighting Equipment Mar. 23, 1995
EB53B Interim Guidance on Land and Hold Short Lighting Systems - Cancelled Mar. 11, 1999
EB53A Interim Guidance on Land and Hold Short Lighting Systems - Cancelled Feb. 19, 1999
EB53 Land and Hold Short Lighting Systems - Cancelled Nov. 8, 1994
EB52 (PDF) Approved AWOS Equipment Nov. 4, 1994
EB51 (PDF) Polymer Modified Asphalt Oct. 21, 1994
EB50 Adjustable L-868 Extension - Cancelled Sept. 21, 1994
EB49 (PDF) Geogrid Reinforced Base Course April 20, 1994
EB48 (PDF) Interlocking Concrete Pavers  
EB47 (PDF) Design of Airport Pavements Using Layered Elastic Analysis May 6, 1991
EB46A Change 1 (PDF) Coal Tar Pitch Seal Coats Change 1 April 4, 1996
EB46A (PDF) Coal Tar Pitch Seal Coats July 11, 1995
EB46 (PDF) Item P-625 Coal-Tar Pitch Emulsion Seal Coat Jan. 17, 1991
EB45 (PDF) Polyethylene Modified Asphalt Cement Feb. 22, 1990
EB44 (PDF) Coal-Tar Sealer/Rejuvenator (Updated 5/29/2008) Nov. 2, 1989
EB44A Revised Coal-Tar Sealer/Rejuvenator Specification
(Supersedes specification attached to November 2, 1989, brief) - Cancelled
May 9, 2006
EB44B (PDF) Revised Coal-Tar Sealer/Rejuvenator Specification
(Supersedes specification attached to November 2, 1989, brief)
May 21, 2008
EB43 (PDF) Computerized Pavement Design April 5, 1989
EB42 (PDF) Geocomposite Pavement Edge Drains Mar. 22, 1989
EB41 (PDF) Salviacim Paving Process Oct. 19, 1989
EB40 (PDF) Galvanized Steel Fencing June 3, 1987
EB39 (PDF) Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex Modified Asphalt Mar. 2, 1987
EB38 (PDF) Concrete-Lined Corrugated Steel Pipe Dec. 12, 1986
EB37 (PDF) Computerized Pavement Design November 18, 1986
EB36 (PDF) Silicone Joint Sealants 1986
EB35A (PDF) Thermoplastic Coal-Tar Emulsion Slurry Seal: Amended Interim Specification Sept. 27, 1994
EB34A (PDF) Referee Testing of Hardened Portland Cement Concrete Pavement-Percent within Limits Revision May 13, 2002
EB33A (PDF) Use of Fly Ash as a Partial Replacement for Cement July 13, 1984
EB33 (PDF) Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavements 1983
EB32 (PDF) Surface Recycling and Thin Overlay of Bituminous Pavement July 14, 1983
EB31 (PDF) Test of Turbojet Powered Airport Ice Removal Equipment April 22, 1983
EB30 (PDF) Acceptance Plan for Density, Item P-401 Feb. 18, 1983
EB29 (PDF) Hot Mix Recycling of Asphalt Pavements Mar. 3, 1982
EB28 (PDF) Performance of Recycled Asphalt Pavements at New England Airports Oct. 21, 1981
EB27 (PDF) Joint Design for Light Duty Rigid Pavements June 18, 1981
EB26 (PDF) Drainage Design Considerations Mar. 24, 1981
EB25 (PDF) Shrinkage Compensating Cement for Airport Pavements April 18, 1981
EB24 (PDF) Prestressed Concrete Overlay at Chicago O'hare International Airport Feb. 9, 1981
EB23 (PDF) Open-Graded Asphalt Emulsion Mixes Jan. 9, 1981
EB22CHG (PDF) Change to Engineering Brief No. 22 (Included with No.22) Feb. 1, 1982
EB22 (PDF) Asphalt-Rubber and Rubberized Coal Tar Pitch Emulsion July 31, 1981
EB21 (PDF) Use of Sulfur in Bituminous Pavements Oct. 19, 1979
EB20A (PDF) Guidelines for Combating Inflationary Costs July 10, 1979
EB20 (PDF) Changes to Item F-162, Chain Link Fences Nov. 27, 1978
EB19 (PDF) Use of Light Load Nondestructive Testing (Ndt) Equipment on Heavy Load Pavements Oct. 25, 1978
EB18 (PDF) Use of a Non-Woven Fabric to Reduce Reflective Cracking at New Hanover County Airport, North Carolina Sept. 22, 1977
EB17 (PDF) Statistical Quality Control Specifications June 21, 1977
EB16 (PDF) Cost Plus Fixed Payment Contracts for Engineering Services Under Adap May 24, 1977
EB15 (PDF) Variances in Transverse Slopes at Orlando Jetport, Florida Not Published
EB14 (PDF) Reconstruction of Airfield Pavements from Recycled Materials April 15, 1977
EB13 (PDF) Faa Field Inspection of Airports Developed by the Ohio Department of Aviation Not Published
EB12 (PDF) Fibrous Concrete Aprons at Reno & Las Vegas, Nevada Mar. 30, 1976
EB11 (PDF) The Faa's Role in the Selection of Sponsor Consultants for Engineering Services Under Adap Feb. 27, 1976
EB10 (PDF) Asbestos-Cement Storm Drain Pipe Jan. 13, 1976
EB09 (PDF) Load Transfer Assembly Nov. 18, 1975
EB08 (PDF) Porous Friction Course Pavement at Ingalls Field, Hot Springs, Virginia and Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem Regional Airport, North Carolina Sept. 12, 1975
EB07 (PDF) Construction of a Rubber Asphalt Friction Course at Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, Colorado Sept. 12, 1975
EB06 (PDF) Use of Heater Planer to Correct Pavement Unevenness at San Juan International Airport, Puerto Rico Sept. 12, 1975
EB05 (PDF) Steel Fibrous Reinforced Concrete June 18, 1975
EB04 (PDF) Preparing Existing Bituminous Concrete Pavements for Overlays by Use of Heater Scarifying (Remixing) Technique April 7, 1975
EB03 (PDF) Lcpf Runway Extension at Portland International Airport, Oregon Sept. 9, 1974
EB02 (PDF) Wire Combed Runway Surface at Atlanta Airport (Plastic Grooving) July 11, 1974
EB01 (PDF) Plastic Grooving of Concrete Runway at Lawton, Oklahoma Aug. 27,1974

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