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Engineering staff is responsible for airport engineering standards, configuration, design, equipment, and operations criteria at civil airports. The staff ensures adherence to standards for the construction and maintenance of airport facilities. They provide guidance, standards, and specifications relating to airport pavement design, construction, and maintenance. They are also responsible for modifications to FAA design standards.
  • Barry Hammer, Senior Civil Engineer
    Provides technical assistance in matters relating to Engineering and Standards. Responsible for airports in Southern Maine and all Massport airports.
  • Luke Garrison, Project Manager
    Responsible for airports in Northern Maine.
  • John Merck, Project Manager
    Responsible for airports in Vermont and Connecticut.
  • Bob Siris, Project Manager
    Responsible for Rhode Island, New Hampshire and the Boston Residential Sound Insulation Program.
  • Cliff Vacirca, Project Manager
    Responsible for Massachusetts (excluding Massport airports).

Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis

  • Tracey McInnis
    Maintains Non-Rulemaking Airspace Analysis cases. Contact for establishing, changing, or abandoning a heliport, landing area, or private airport. Serves as the focal point on obstruction evaluations.

Wildlife Management

National Policy and Guidance

Federal Register Notices

Engineering, Design, & Construction
Subject/Title Date
Proposal To Consider the Impact of One Engine Inoperative Procedures in Obstruction Evaluation Aeronautical Studies: Notice of Public Meeting, Extension of Comment Period (79 FR 33145) (PDF) 6/10/2014
Proposal to Consider the Impact of One Engine Inoperative Procedures in Part 77 Hazard Determinations (77 FR 23300) (PDF) 4/28/2014
Draft Parachute Landing Area Standards (77 FR 39446) (PDF) 7/3/2012
Draft Specification for Airport Light Bases, Transformer Housings, Junction Boxes, and Accessories, Advisory Circular 150/5345-42G; Opportunity To Comment (77 FR 38705) (PDF) 6/28/2012
Opportunity To Comment on the Draft Airport Design Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A (77 FR 26815) (PDF) 5/7/2012
Use of Non-Original Equipment Manufacturers' Components in Certified Aviation Obstruction/Antenna Structure Lighting Systems (69 FR 65493) (PDF) 11/12/2004
More Federal Register Notices