Runway Safety embodies a safe flight — both at its start and at its conclusion. It continues to be one of the FAA's highest priorities and encompasses pilots, air traffic controllers and airport vehicle drivers. We offer guidance, resources and expertise and welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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Airport Diagrams

map of the United States Search the FAA Database using our search tool to access PDF versions of Airport Diagrams. Airport Diagrams are specifically designed to assist in the movement of ground traffic at locations with complex runway/taxiway configurations.

Hot Spots

runway diagram A hot spot is defined as a location on an airport movement area with a history of potential risk of collision or runway incursion, and where heightened attention by pilots and drivers is necessary.

FAA Taxi Test

FAA taxi test: can you pass it? This 60-minute video provides a comprehensive look at runway safety best practices including a review of signs and markings; scenario-based do's and don'ts; and clear explanations of why certain procedures are critical. Visit the site and test your skills. Your surface safety knowledge and capabilities will markedly improve.

ORD North Airfield Changes

ORD changes Get the most up-to-date O'Hare - North Airfield changes here. Find information and diagrams on past, present and future Taxiway & Runway naming as well as new Hot Spots.

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