14 CFR Part 139 prescribes rules governing the certification and operation of airports in any State of the United States, the District of Columbia, or any territory or possession of the United States serving any scheduled passenger-carrying operations of an air carrier operating aircraft designed for more than 9 passenger seats and unscheduled operations of an air carrier operating aircraft designed for at least 31 passenger seats.

This part also applies to those portions of a joint-use or shared-use airport that are within the authority of a person serving passenger-carrying operations. This part does not apply to airports serving scheduled air carrier operations only by reason of being designated as an alternate airport.

Note: Our publication, "Airfield Standards - Quick Reference, 2nd edition", dated October 2011 is obsolete and being revised.

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National Policy and Guidance

Part 139 Airports

  • Part 139 Airport Certification Status List (MS Excel) (updated 11/24/2014)
    List of certificated airports by state, name, associated city, and identifier. It also identifies Part 139 classification, ARFF index, inactive status, and large hub airports.