The heart of the Biodynamics Lab is the Impact Track. At 140 feet in length with two precision rails, a sled, winch, and braking system, �The Track� has proven its ability to play an important role in understanding crash environments. With a sled propelled to 44 feet per second and suddenly decelerated to simulate an impact, a great deal can be learned in a short (200 millisecond) time period. Head Impact, Seat Deformation, Child Restraint Performance, and Seat Certification Processes are just a few of the many test categories studied at CAMI.

Manufacturers of aircraft seats, seat belts, and various safety systems in the US and abroad, along with many Government agencies, use the CAMI Impact Track for collaborative studies. Entities like Boeing, Cessna, AM-SAFE, Airbus, FAA Technical Center, NTSB, US AirForce, and NASA have all used the CAMI crash worthiness experience and facilities to further aviation safety.