• 76/1 An investigation of time-sharing ability as a factor in complex performance
  • 76/2 Effects of ground trainer use on the psychological and physiological states of students in private pilot training
  • 76/3 Massed versus distributed practice in learned improvement of speech intelligibility
  • 76/4 Aviation medicine translations: Annotated bibliography of recently translated material. IX.
  • 76/5 Visual evaluation of smoke-protective devices
  • 76/6 Education as a factor in the selection of air traffic controller trainees
  • 76/7 Accident experience of civilian pilots with static physical defects
  • 76/8 Aviation medicine
  • 76/9 Development and evaluation of masterbody forms for 3- and 6-year-old-child dummies
  • 76/10 Characteristics of medically disqualified airman applicants in calendar years 1973 and 1974
  • 76/11 Physiological, biochemical, and multiple-task-performance responses to different alterations of the wake-sleep cycle
  • 76/12 Some effects of sleep deprivation on tracking performance in static and dynamic environments
  • 76/13 Stress in air traffic controllers: Effects of ARTS-III
  • 76/14 Three studies of motion sickness susceptibility
  • 76/15 The aeromedical significance of sickle-cell trait