• 85/1 Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135 cabin safety subject index
  • 85/2 Physiological responses to unvarying (steady) and 2-2-1 shifts: Miami International Flight Service Station
  • 85/3 The effects of age, sleep deprivation, and altitude on complex performance
  • 85/4 Inhalation toxicology: IV. Times to incapacitation and death for rats exposed continuously to atmospheric hydrogen chloride gas
  • 85/5 Some effects of alcohol and simulated altitude on complex performance scores and Breathalyzer readings
  • 85/6 A comparison of postmortem coronary atherosclerosis findings in general aviation pilot fatalities
  • 85/7 Passing scores for the FAA ATCS color vision test
  • 85/8 Drugs of abuse in aviation fatalities: 1. Marijuana
  • 85/9 Characteristics of medically disqualified airman applicants in calendar years 1982 and 1983
  • 85/10 Evaluation of a passenger mask modified with a rebreather bag for protection from smoke and fumes
  • 85/11 Development and evaluation of a prototype life preserver
  • 85/12 Alcohol rehabilitation of airline pilots
  • 85/13 The effect of visual taskload on critical flicker frequency (CFF) change during performance of a complex monitoring task