• 86/1 Inhalation toxicology: V. Evaluation of relative toxicity to rats of thermal decomposition products from two aircraft seat fire-blocking materials
  • 86/2 Biological rhythms and rotating shift work: Some considerations for air traffic controllers and managers
  • 86/3 Inhalation toxicology: VI. Evaluation of the relative toxicity of thermal decomposition products from nine aircraft panel materials
  • 86/4 Complex monitoring performance and the coronary-prone Type A behavior pattern
  • 86/5 Inhalation toxicology: VII. Times to incapacitation and death for rats exposed continuously to atmospheric acrolein vapor
  • 86/6 The Flight Service Station Training Program: 1981-1985
  • 86/7 Medically disqualified airline pilots
  • 86/8 Inhalation toxicology: VIII. Establishing heat tolerance limits for rats and mice subjected to acute exposures at elevated air temperatures
  • 86/9 Effects of sleep loss on vestibular responses during simple and complex vestibular stimulation