• 94/2 Perceptions of Organizational Support and Affectivity as Predictors of Job Satisfaction
  • 94/3 Automation and Cognition in Air Traffic Control: An Empirical Investigation
  • 94/4 Validation of the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Specialist Pre-Training Screen
  • 94/5 Human Factors in Airway Facilities Maintenance: Development of a Prototype Outage Assessment Inventory Form A
  • 94/6 Maintaining Vigilance on a Simulated ATC Monitoring Task Across Repeated Sessions
  • 94/7 Toxicity of Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Mixtures: Exposure Concentration, Time To Incapacitation, Carboxyhemoglobin and Blood Cyanide Parameters
  • 94/8 Scanning and Monitoring Performance: Effects of the Reinforcement Values of the Events Being Monitored
  • 94/9 Validity of the Air Traffic Control Specialist Nonradar Screen as a Predictor of Performance in Radar Based ATC Training
  • 94/10 Effects of Cold Exposure on Wet Aircraft Passengers: A Review
  • 94/11 A Review of Computer Evacuation Models and Their Data Needs
  • 94/12 Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Phase III, Volume 2 Progress Report
  • 94/13 Relationships of Type A Behavior with Biographical Characteristics and Training Performance of Air Traffic Control Specialists
  • 94/14 Unreported Medications Used in Incapacitating Medical Conditions Found in Fatal Civil Aviation Accidents
  • 94/15 The Applicability of Commercial Glare Test Devices in the Aeromedical Certification of Pilot Applicants
  • 94/16 Elimination of Quinine in Two Subjects After Ingestion of Tonic Water: An Exploratory Study
  • 94/17 Blink Rate As a Measure of Fatigue: A Review
  • 94/18 Simultaneous Gas Chromatographic Determination of Four Toxic Gases Generally Present in Combustion Atmosphere
  • 94/19 The Performance of Child Restraint Devices in Transport Airplane Passenger Seats
  • 94/20 Age 60 Rule Research, Part I: Bibliographic Database
  • 94/21 Age 60 Rule Research, Part II: Airline Pilot Age and Performance A Review of the Scientific Literature
  • 94/22 Age 60 Rule Research, Part III: Consolidated Database Experiments Final Report
  • 94/23 Age 60 Rule Research, Part IV: Experimental Evaluation of Pilot Performance
  • 94/24 Low Dose Alcohol Effects on Human Behavior and Performance: A Review of Post 1984 Research
  • 94/25 Summary Proceedings of the Joint Industry-FAA Conference on Development and Use of
    PC-Based Aviation Training Devices
  • 94/26 Blinks, Saccades, and Fixation Pauses During Vigilance Task Performance: I. Time on Task
  • 94/27 Situation Awareness Information Requirements for En Route Air Traffic Control