Aircraft Certification: Registration Forms
Form Title
AC 8050-1 Aircraft Registration Application
AC 8050-88 Affidavit of Ownership
AC 8050-88A Affidavit of Ownership for Light-Sport Aircraft
AC 8050-1B Aircraft Registration Renewal Application
AC 8050-98 Aircraft Security Agreement
AC 8050-2 Bill of Sale
AC 8050-4 Certificate of Repossession
AC 8050-5 Dealer's Application
AFS-750-93 Information in Recording of Aircraft Ownership and Security Documents (PDF, 66 KB)
AFS-750-124E Information to Aid in the Cancellation for Export of United States Registered Aircraft (PDF, 48 KB)
AFS-750-124I Information to Aid in the Registration of Imported Aircraft (PDF, 13 KB)
AFS-750-94 Information to Aid in the Registration of U.S. Civil Aircraft (PDF, 136 KB)
AC 8050-135 International Registry Entry Form

All signatures should include the typed or printed name of each signer in or adjacent to the signature block. We will return any Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1 that does not include the printed or typed name of the signer.