Getting Back in the Game | March/April 2014

FAA Safety Briefing, March/April 2014

The March/April 2014 issue of FAA Safety Briefing takes a look at what it takes to "get back in the flying game." Whether it’s transitioning to a new type of aircraft, or returning from a flying hiatus, the articles here will provide safety and training advice and help you fine tune your plan for returning to the skies.



Previous Issues

Safety Enhancement Topic of the Month


  • April (PDF) – Flight After a Period of Inactivity
  • March (PDF) – Transition Training
  • February (PDF) – Single Pilot Resource Management
  • January (PDF) – Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)


  • December (PDF) – Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
  • November (PDF) – Weather Technology
  • October (PDF) – Fuel Monitoring
  • September (PDF) – Flight After Use of Medications with Sedating Effects
  • August (PDF) – Flight Risk Analysis Tool
  • July (PDF) – Safety Benefits of Angle of Attack Systems
  • June (PDF) – Stabilized Approach and Landing