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Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

In only a few years all cockpits in every airplane that crosses the sky will be equipped with this new technology. Automatic Dependent Surveillance — Broadcast, known as ADS-B — will enhance safety with precision monitoring of aircraft. The agency is already nearing completion of the necessary infrastructure investment required to make this vital technology a reality.

Data Communications

Currently, all communication between cockpit and controller is done through audio channels. This has served pilots well for many years, but with the growing number of flights that take to the skies every day and every year, there needs to be alternative solutions to meet that demand. Data Comm uses messaging services — a lot like texting — to deliver clearances, coordinates and commands. Pilots see the information, acknowledge, and act.

National Airspace System Voice System

This digital technology will help alleviate the information burden on older infrastructure. With multiple systems in place from decades of "fixes," the single NAS Voice System will provide crystal clear communications between air and ground and ground to ground transmission.

System Wide Information Management

This is the nucleus of the NextGen technology transformation. The information management service accesses all available data — weather, flights status, airport delays, departure and arrival paths — and builds the most efficient and economical flight path for each aircraft. The data exchange and the information sharing the system is founded on will help choreograph the roughly 87,000 flights that cross our skies every day.

"It makes a difference.
Simply, it makes a difference."

~ Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

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