What is NextGen?

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Where is NextGen?

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NextGen Priorities

Multiple Runway Operations

Improves runway access through the use of improved technology, updated standards, safety analysis and modifications to air traffic monitoring tools and operating procedures that will enable more arrival and departure operations.

Data Communications

Currently, all communication between cockpit and controller is done through audio channels. This has served pilots well for many years, but with the growing number of flights that take to the skies every day and every year, there needs to be alternative solutions to meet that demand. Data Comm uses messaging services — a lot like texting — to deliver clearances, coordinates and commands. Pilots see the information, acknowledge, and act.

Performance Based Navigation

Addresses ways to leverage emerging technologies, such as satellite-based Area Navigation and Required Navigation Performance, to improve access and flexibility for point-to-point operations.

Surface Operations and Data Sharing

Focuses on improved airport surveillance information, automation to support airport configuration management and runway assignments and enhanced cockpit displays to provide increased situational awareness for controllers and pilots; a key step is sharing airport surface information with authorized stakeholders.

"It makes a difference.
Simply, it makes a difference."

~ Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

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Cleveland-Detroit Metroplex Average Daily Traffic (FY 2014)

15,745 Total Metroplex Operations (arrivals and departures)

1,568 Commercial Air Carrier

769 General Aviation

4 Military

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