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Message about Policy Changes:

November 4, 2014 - Conditions an AME Can Issue (CACI) has been implemented for over a year. Many AME's still are not making the appropriate comments in block #60 per the guidance located on the individual CACI Certificate Worksheets. These comments are MANDATORY and not optional. Error codes will be placed on each airman that does not have the MANDATORY comment in block #60. Please refer to the online AME guide and the CACI Certification Worksheets for the appropriate comments for block #60. If the correct wording is not placed in the comments box of item 60, we have no way of knowing you followed the worksheet correctly. The airman may receive a letter asking for the information again and you as an AME will receive an error on your performance.

Latest AMCS Release Notes and User's Guide are available for download

August 13, 2014 - The AMCS release notes and user's guide related to changes made to AMCS to support the attachment of ECGs are available for download. Also included in the AMCS release notes is information related to processing Air Traffic Control (ATC) applicants.

AMCS Release Notes

AMCS User's Guide

FAA Order 3930.3B - Air Traffic Control Specialist Health Program

Posted September 27, 2012

FAA Order 3930.3B has been signed by the acting FAA Administrator, and is official as of July 20, 2012. FAA Order 3930.3B provides the policies and procedures for the administration of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA or Agency) Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) Health Program. FAA Order 3930.3B cancels FAA Order 3930.3A, dated May 9, 1980, and all subsequent change Orders.

FAA Order 3930.3B is applicable to Aviation Medical Examiners who perform exams on FAA employees, such as Air Traffic Controllers.

If you are an AME that performs exams on FAA Employees, please read FAA Order 3930.3B. You also should read the ATCS Aviation Medical Examiner Summary Sheet, provided below.