Pilot Safety Brochures are prepared for both general aviation and commercial pilots. The brochures acquaint pilots with the physiological challenges of the aviation environment so pilots are better prepared to cope with the challenges.

Our most recent initiative is to provide Spanish and Turkish versions of each pilot safety brochure. To date we have translated six pilot safety brochures to Spanish and five to Turkish.

Complete listing of available Pilot Safety Brochures
Brochure Title (A-I) Brochure Title (L-T)
Acceleration in Aviation: G-Force - English (PDF), Turkish (PDF) Laser Hazards in Navigable Airspace (PDF)
Alcohol and Flying: A Deadly Combination (PDF) Medical Certification Questions and Answers (PDF)
Altitude-Induced Decompression Sickness (PDF) Medications and Flying (PDF) - Medications and Flying Poster (PDF)
Aviation Safety Courses for Civil Aviation Pilots (PDF) Obstructive Sleep Apnea - English (PDF), Turkish (PDF)
Carbon Monoxide: A Deadly Menace (PDF) Oxygen Equipment Use in General Aviation Operations (PDF)
Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Flying - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF) Pilot Medical Certification Information for the Aviation Community (PDF)
Deep Vein Thrombosis & Travel - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF) Pilot Vision (PDF)
FAA MedXPress Program for Pilots - Your Express Lane to Medical Certification (PDF) Seat Belts & Shoulder Harnesses: Smart Protection in Small Airplanes (PDF)
Fatigue in Aviation - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF) Smoke - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF)
Fit For Flight - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF) Spatial Disorientation: Visual Illusions - English (PDF), Turkish (PDF)
Hearing and Noise in Aviation (PDF) Spatial Disorientation: Why You Shouldn't Fly By the Seat of Your Pants - English (PDF), Turkish (PDF)
Hypoxia: The Higher You Fly…The Less Air In The Sky - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF), Turkish (PDF) Sunglasses for Pilots: Beyond the Image (PDF)
Information for Pilots Considering Laser Eye Surgery (PDF) Towers: Unlit + Unmarked + Uncharted = Undetected (PDF)