Flight Services
Explanation of Changes
Change 1

Direct questions through appropriate facility/service center office staff
to the Office of Primary Interest (OPI)

  1. Editorial Changes

As a result of the Chart Supplement Modernization Initiative, the Chart Supplement U.S. definition was revised, and this is reflected in mentions of Chart Supplement in paragraph 6-2-1. Other editorial changes include correcting the spelling of “Juliet” to “Juliett” in paragraph 2-3-3, TBL 2-3-2; removing the term “degrees of the compass” and adding the appropriate phrase “referenced true north” in subparagraph 5-2-5c6(b), as well as adding “in degrees Fahrenheit” to specify the units of measure for temperature; and correcting a word use error in subparagraph 4-2-14a and 5-2-4 Note 2.

  1. Entire Publication

Additional editorial/format changes were made where necessary. Revision bars were not used because of the insignificant nature of these changes.