Chapter 8. FAA Weather Services

Section 1. General


Surface meteorological observations are filed at scheduled and unscheduled intervals with stations having sending capability to WMSCR for dissemination on the Service A domestic aviation weather system. These reports are aviation routine weather reports (METAR) and aviation selected special weather reports (SPECI). All reports must include a report type and the six-digit time of the observation. Computer sorting and validation requires exact adherence to format and procedure at all times.

  1. METAR REPORTS. Transmit METAR between H+55 and H+00.
  2. SPECI AND DELAYED OR CORRECTED REPORTS. Transmit SPECI, delayed or corrected reports as soon as possible after H+00.

Most meteorological and NOTAM data exchanged outside of the facility is dependent on WMSCR. It is important to follow strict format and procedures during normal operations, as well as during system interruption periods.

  1. Circuit interruption. Notify WMSCR and/or NADIN and the appropriate Telco servicing company and/or technical help desk.
  2. Record the circuit and/or equipment identification numbers in all outage reports. Facilities should obtain and record ticket numbers provided by the Telco authority and/or technical help desk.
  3. WMSCR telephone numbers:
    WMSCR (KNKAWMSC): Contact the FAA National Enterprise Management Center (NEMC) at 855-322-6362 (FAA-NEMC).
  1. For ATLANTA (KATLYTYX), press 1;
  2. For SALT LAKE CITY: (KSLCYTYX), press 2.