SUBJ: Flight Services

  1. Purpose of This Change. This change transmits revised pages to Federal Aviation Administration Order JO 7110.10DD, Flight Services.
  2. Audience. This order applies to all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) personnel and anyone using ATO directives.
  3. Where Can I Find This Change? This change is available on the FAA website at and
  4. Explanation of Policy Change. See the Explanation of Changes attachment, which has editorial corrections and changes submitted through normal procedures.
  5. Distribution. This change is distributed electronically to all who subscribe to receive email notification/access to it through the FAA’s website. All organizations are responsible for viewing, downloading, and subscribing to receive email notifications when changes occur to this order. Subscriptions to air traffic directives can be made through the Air Traffic Plans and Publications website at or directly via the following link:
  6. Disposition of Transmittal. Retain this transmittal until superseded by a new basic order.
  7. Page Control Chart. See the page control chart attachment.

Original signed by: Alyce Hood-Fleming

Alyce Hood-Fleming

Vice President, System Operations Services

Air Traffic Organization