Chapter 7. NOTAM Services

Section 1. General


The primary task of the NOTAM position is NOTAM management including, but not limited to, the classification, processing, and dissemination of NOTAMs. NOTAM services are provided in accordance with FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Air Missions (NOTAM), applicable LOAs, and approved local procedures.


The NOTAM position may be combined with the flight data position (or another operational position). See approved local procedures.

  1. FSS personnel, regardless of position, must immediately report any situation or condition considered an immediate hazard to flight to the most appropriate air traffic facility. Other situations should be reported on a priority basis to the appropriate accountable organization.
  2. FSS specialists must accept all aeronautical information regardless of source or subject matter, provided the occurrence is no more than seven days in the future.
  3. The party that originates the NOTAM on behalf of the accountable organization is responsible for the accuracy, origination, and cancellation of the NOTAM.
  4. Alaska FSS personnel receiving NOTAM information that requires action by another FSS must forward the information to that FSS for appropriate action as soon as practicable. For example, if Kenai FSS receives a NOTAM for Homer FSS, the Kenai NOTAM specialist will forward it to Homer to issue.
  5. The certified source is responsible for the correct classification and format of the NOTAM and for ensuring that facilities affected by the NOTAM are aware of the new NOTAM.
  6. FSS specialists are responsible for issuing NOTAMs that are not covered in any example in FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Air Missions (NOTAM), but meet NOTAM criteria. If, after consulting with management, a format cannot be determined, management should contact the USNOF for assistance.


  1. A certified source or NOTAM originator (for example, airport operator, Tech Ops AIS/service provider, or FSS) is the party who enters/submits a NOTAM to the NOTAM System (NS) on behalf of the accountable organization using an approved direct entry tool or interface.
  2. An accountable organization is responsible for accurately reporting the condition considered to be a hazard or potential hazard to flight operations. Reporting the condition must be accomplished by ensuring that procedures are developed to establish NOTAM origination and coordination responsibilities.


FAA Order 7930.2, Para 1-3-1, Air Traffic Organization (ATO).


Follow approved local procedures for scheduled and unscheduled NOTAM system outages.