Section 2. NOTAM Handling


Specialists working the NOTAM position must:

  1. Provide NOTAM services in accordance with FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Air Missions (NOTAM), applicable LOAs, and approved local procedures.
  2. Have access to the NOTAM processing system(s) applicable to their facility.
  3. Ensure that all NOTAM information received is from an authorized source. When potential NOTAM information or an unsafe condition report is received from an unauthorized NOTAM source, handle the information in accordance with FAA Order 7930.2, paragraph 5-1-2, Handling Reported Aerodrome Conditions. Authorized sources include:
  1. Airport operators. Authorized personnel list.
  2. Air traffic personnel. Facility, position, and operating initials.
  3. Other sources (list not all-inclusive).
  1. Certificate of waiver or authorization (COA) or waiver holder, company name, source name.
  2. Tower light operators, company name, source name.
  1. Monitor assigned NOTAM system (for example, ENII or NOTAM Manager) and process requests.
  2. Process requests received via telephone, regardless of FPA/AOR.
  3. Process corrections requested by the USNOF via phone or SVC B.
  4. Accept and submit all D-NOTAMs for locations within the NAS.


The USNOF is responsible for monitoring and converting applicable NOTAMs to the international format. No further action is required by the FSS specialist.

  1. Check publications (for example, charts, chart supplements, etc.) to avoid duplication of aeronautical information. When new publications/charts become effective, follow the requirements established in FAA Order 7930.2.
  2. Establish NOTAM effective dates/times. When a source only provides a beginning date/time, the specialist must clarify an agreed-upon ending date/time prior to issuing the NOTAM. Specialists must ensure the publication process has been initiated prior to selecting PERM as the ending date/time.


FAA Order 7930.2, Para 3-1-4, Permanent (PERM) NOTAM Process.

  1. Edit and correct requests containing more than one NOTAM.
  2. Replace/amend NOTAMs.


Active NOTAMs cannot be changed. The process of replacing/amending a NOTAM requires the cancellation of the existing NOTAM and the issuance of a new NOTAM.

  1. Reject NOTAM issuance requests when appropriate (for example, duplicate, request does not meet NOTAM criteria). If there is uncertainty about the data received, the specialist must contact the NOTAM originator prior to rejecting a NOTAM.
  2. Coordinate NOTAMs with affected ATC facilities.
  1. NOTAM coordination in the CONUS is performed by the ARTCC flight data units.
  2. FSS must coordinate NOTAMs with ATC during NOTAM system outages in accordance with local procedures.

Specialists must record complete contact information for NOTAM requests received via telephone in the appropriate NOTAM processing system. This information is used during NOTAM validation or when clarification is needed, which could be an extended amount of time after issuance or cancellation.


See approved local procedures for definition of “complete contact information.”