D.E.R. Doing Everything Right - Are you keeping our skies safe?

Do you manage your company's DOT/FAA drug and alcohol testing program? Check out our DER Awareness videos, informational brochure, and employee poster!

The five videos below target the most-frequent violation areas: pre-employment testing; random testing; the return-to-duty process; the collection process; and education. They include scenarios based on real-life situations that often lead to an employer being out of compliance, and best practices to help the DER (or program manager) ensure compliance and Do Everything Right.

To download one or all of the videos as an MP4, go to the FAA's TV web page at http://www.faa.gov/tv/ and enter "DER" in the Search Media box. Select the video, right-click the MP4 link to the right, and select "Save target as…" from the menu that appears.

Part of our campaign includes the following brochure and poster. The brochure supports the videos and provides additional information and best practices. We hope you use the employee poster in your workplace to remind safety-sensitive employees they are subject to testing.

Poster: Drugs and Alcohol Don't Fly (PDF)

Brochure: Compliance Ahead (PDF)

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Doing Everything Right: Video Series

This video series covers topics that are direct threats to aviation safety. The Drug Abatement Division
wants to help you, the DER, be sure that you are Doing Everything Right.