Airport design software supports pavement design and pay reductions for airport pavement projects. Available software include FAARFIELD, COMFAA, COMPSYS, and other programs.

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Airport Pavement Design
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Description/Instructions Date
FAARFIELD 1.302 (3/20/2009) FAARFIELD 1.302 replaced the previous version that accompanied Draft AC 150/5320-6E. The FAARFIELD program became the FAA standard for airfield pavement design upon publication of AC 150/5320-6E, which required the use of the FAARFIELD program.  
COMFAA 3.0 (Updated 8/27/2014)
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COMFAA 3.0, as introduced in version B of AC 150/5335-5, is the recommended method to determine airport runway, taxiway, and apron pavement strength with the Aircraft Classification Number - Pavement Classification Number (ACN-PCN) method. The software is capable of calculating Aircraft Classifications Numbers in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) procedure. August 2011

Previous versions of airport pavement design software

Pay Reductions for Airport Pavement Projects
PWL Spreadsheets
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Description/Instructions Date
Asphaltic Concrete Payment Adjustments for Densities and Air Voids, Item P-401 (XLSM) The pay equations in this spreadsheet are consistent with the percent within limits (PWL) pay adjustments as published in AC 150/5370-10G, Item P401; for previous versions of item P401, verify that appropriate Upper and Lower Limits are being utilized. Updated 6/24/2015
PCC Pavement - Payment Factor for Strength and Thickness, Item P-501 (MS Excel)

The pay equations in this spreadsheet are valid for versions of Item P-501 published in versions C and higher of AC 150/5370-10.

*Update fixes spreadsheet error that occurred when number of lots exceeded 102.

Updated 10/30/2009*
Related Pavement and Airport Design Software
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Description/Instructions Date
3D Airspace Analysis Program (3DAAP) Version 5.0 9/19/2006
Backcalculation Software (BAKFAA) For backcalculating FWD data and computing airport pavement load responses by layered elastic analysis. Use with AC 150/5370-11, Use of Nondestructive Testing Devices in the Evaluation of Airport Pavements. Version 2.0. 5/2012
COMPSYS 21 Geodetic Calculations Windows-based software includes calculations for Forward, Inverse, Segment/Segment, Bearing/Bearing, Segment Distance, Circle Bearing, Circle/Circle, Segment Bearing, and Airport Reference Point.  
Geodetic Calculator (ZIP) Updated version of GEO83.  
Runway Friction Data Evaluation Program (ZIP) New Version 4.1A  
Additional Sources
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Description/Instructions Date
FAA Airport Technology R&D Branch Software
Airport Pavement Roughness Criteria