Tell FAA

Help us prevent aviation safety issues and violations.

Call us at 866-TELL-FAA (866-835-5322)

  • Aviation safety issues, including:
    • Maintenance issues
    • Suspected unapproved parts
    • Aircraft incidents or accidents, including unmanned aircraft system (UAS) incidents and accidents
    • Low-flying aircraft (with aircraft number)
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Hazardous materials violations
  • Issues with air carrier safety
  • Violations of FAA internal policy
  • Allegations or incidents of harassment or misconduct by an FAA employee

You may also visit our hotline contact page for more information.

You can file an anonymous report or provide your contact information in case you want us to follow up for more information or to provide feedback.

You may also use the Federal Relay Service to contact us.

Safety and Operations: Want to learn more about issues in aviation?

FAA Locations: Looking for an office or person?

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): Seeking public records and information?

FOIA gives individuals the right to access information from the Federal Government. Visit the FOIA website to learn how to

  • File a FOIA request
  • View the FAA's FOIA library
  • Contact a FOIA Coordinator

Additional Resources

Consumer Protection: Experienced an issue with airline service?

Visit the Department of Transportation's Aviation Consumer Protection Division or call 202-366-2220 to

  • Report a concern about airline service, including:
    • Lost or damaged baggage
    • Baggage fees
    • Ticketing
    • Denied boarding
    • Flight delays
    • Aircraft disinsection
    • Customer service (refunds, travel with children or pets)
    • Discrimination
  • View Air Travel Consumer Reports
  • Learn about the rights of air travel passengers

Airport Security: Need to report a transportation security issue?

Contact the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) online help center or call 866-289-9673 to

  • Submit a complaint or report about:
    • TSA screening technologies and/or processes
    • Missing or damaged items
    • Permitted or prohibited items
  • Report security concerns, such as:
    • Instances of aviation security violations
  • Ask questions about the TSA Screening Process

Cell Towers: See a light outage?

Contact the Federal Communications Commission's Public Safety Support Center or call 202-418-1122 to report tower lighting outages.