The FAA will transition the Manufacturing Designee Program (DAR-F, DMIR) to the DMS beginning in July, 2014. Paper applications under the current process will not be accepted after May 7, 2014. All new DAR-F and DMIR applications after May 7, 2014 will be processed through the DMS when available.

Note: If you are an existing DMIR/DAR-F, you do not need to self-register, DMS login credentials will be sent to you with instructions on when to use those credentials in DMS. We will be migrating existing data from DIN to DMS for current designees to support the DMS conversion process. Any information entered in DMS prior to migration will be erased from the system at the time of migration and conversion.


AVS oversees some 10,000 designees to help us meet public demand for certification services. As the use of designees increased over the years, the various Services and Offices each created their own processes for managing them. Like any system that's beenin place for a while, it became clear that AVS needed to overhaul its system to create a more standardized approach for managing its designees.

After several years of hard work by the Designee Steering Group, I’m pleased to announce that I have signed the new FAA Order 8000.95, Designee Management Policy. We now have a new integrated policy for managing all 14 designee types as well as a new IT system called the Designee Management System (DMS), which is a tool to support this policy. Please note that since the DMS will be implemented in phases over the next couple years, the policy is not immediately effective for all designee types. More details on the order of implementation will be available soon. I want to thank everyone involved in creating the new system to improve our invaluable designee program.

Peggy Gilligan
Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety

About Designee Management System (DMS)

In response to a U.S. Government Accountability Office audit, AVS is implementing an integrated policy across all designee types for improved designee management. The Designee Management System (DMS) is an IT system that has been developed to support this policy.

The first deployment will be AIR manufacturing designees into the DMS beginning in June 2014 on an office by office deployment. We expect to have all the manufacturing designees migrated to the DMS by September 2014. What can you expect as an active DMIR or DAR-F?

In the very near future, you will be receiving two separate email notifications identifying date(s) of deployment and actions required by you to successfully complete the migration process. The first email will inform you the pending migration will take place in 30 days. During the migration, only limited information from your designee authorization in the Designee Information Network (DIN) will be imported to DMS. The second email notice will provide you with detailed instructions on:

  • where to access the DMS,
  • login instructions, and
  • tasks you must perform to ensure successful migration to DMS
  • transition to the DMS Order

Please note, this event is time sensitive. To remain in an active designation status after migration to DMS, you are required to login, review and validate your Designee data within 10 days. Failure to do so may result in a termination of your designation.

Highlights of the program include: During the migration process DMS will be assigning a unique nine-digit identification number known as the designee number. This new designee number will replace your existing designee number and will be used in documentation to identify the work and certifications completed by you when authorized by the Administrator. At the completion of the migration and after successful login to DMS, you will receive a new authorization known as a Certificate Letter of Authority (CLOA). This CLOA will contain the same authorizations and limitations currently published in your electronic Certificate of Authority (eCOA) in DIN. From that point forward, request for delegation, oversight activities, expansion requests, summary activity reports, renewal requests, etc. will be documented in DMS.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you as we deploy the DMS policy and IT tool. Stay tuned for more information.

Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) geographical information:

If you are interested in pursuing appointment as a DMIR or DAR-F, please ensure you're applying to the appropriate MIDO office by reviewing the MIDO geographical area of responsibility based on your state of residence or by a specific MIDO.

Locate an Office: Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDOs)

Manufacturing DMS Office Deployment Schedule
Manufacturing Office Site Implementation
Phoenix MIDO 6/23/14
Los Angeles MIDO 7/7/14
Van Nuys MIDO 7/7/14
Seattle MIDO 7/7/14
Burlington MIDO 7/14/14
New Cumberland MIDO 7/14/14
Windsor Locks MIDO 7/14/14
Bethany MIDO 7/21/14
Saddle Brook and Farmingdale MIDOs 7/21/14
Orlando MIDO 7/21/14
San Antonio MIDO 7/28/14
Fort Worth MIDO 7/28/14
Wichita MIDO 8/4/14
Cleveland MIDO 8/4/14
Detroit MISO - Deploy with Minneapolis MIDO 8/4/14
Kansas City MIDO 8/11/14
Vandalia MIDO 8/11/14
Chicago MISO - Deploy with Vandalia MIDO 8/11/14
Minneapolis MIDO 8/18/14
Atlanta MIDO 8/18/14
Savannah MIDO - Deploy with Atlanta MIDO 8/18/14

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