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In recent years, the Engineering Designee Recurrent Seminar Training has continued to undergo significant revisions and has evolved into a "Engineering Designee Training Program". Our training program offers a blend of Initial and Recurrent training for Engineering Designees, Initial Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) and ODA Part II Training for AIR Engineering Designees.

While some of the material learned in long term evolution training programs is intricate, our goal is to make it as simplified and easy to understand as possible. For help and community support, view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

The following courses are offered:

Technical Sessions
EDR & ODA Training

General Session

The General Session will NOT be converted to an on-line session. It will remain an 'in person' seminar. Designees should still register for the General Session at the location they wish to attend. Register now through the Designee Registration System.

Registration will open when firm dates and lodging become available. Check back often for updates. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn, "How to get notified when a course becomes available?"

General Session: 2015 Engineering Designee Recurrent Seminar Schedule (Last Update: 7/30/2015)
Location Date Facility
Anchorage June 9, 2015 Anchorage Marriott Downtown
Atlanta July 22, 2015 Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Seattle August 19, 2015 Seattle Airport Marriott
Chicago *September 23, 2015
Los Angeles *October 21, 2015 TBD
*These dates are TENTATIVE. A firm date and location will be provided when the hotel contract is in place.
General Session Location Rotation (Tentative Schedule) - As of 4/14/2015
Month 2015 2016 2017 2018
March Wichita Wichita Wichita Wichita
April Wichita
Fort Worth
Fort Worth Fort Worth Fort Worth
May Boston New York Boston New York
June Anchorage Anchorage
July Atlanta Denver Chicago Denver
August Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
September Chicago Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles
October Los Angeles Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta

Renewal Requirements

The requirements for DER Recurrent training are contained in Para 803 (g) of FAA Order 8100.8D. The online training has NOT changed that requirement. For example, if you last completed recurrent training anytime in 2014 then you must complete recurrent training during 2016, i.e. before January 1, 2017.

FAA Order 8100.8D paragraph 803.g. states: "DERs must attend a recurrent seminar every 2 calendar years to maintain their knowledge of the regulations and policies and as a condition for renewal. DERs may satisfy the 2 year requirement by attending a DER seminar in the calendar year it is due."


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