Airport planning encompasses capacity, master and regional planning, aviation forecasting, and airspace planning. Activities include providing planning guidance, producing the biennial National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, developing capacity studies, collecting boarding and cargo data to determine airport categories, and supporting NexGen through the development of tools such as the eALP.

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Planning Forms

Enplanement / All-Cargo Data
Subject/Title Number Other Formats Notes
All-Cargo Carrier Activity Report Form 5100-108   Visit the All-Cargo Reporting page for additional information and sample forms. Instructions included with form.
Airport Activity Survey 1800-31   Visit the Airport Activity Survey page for forms, instructions, additional information, and samples.

Planning Reports

Capacity Planning
Subject/Title Date
Airport Capacity Profiles 7/2014
GAO Report: National Airspace System - Regional Airport Planning Could Help Address Congestion If Plans Were Integrated with FAA and Airport Decision Making (GAO-10-120) 12/2009
FACT3: Airport Capacity Needs in the National Airspace System (PDF, 2.40 MB)
Analysis of airports that are at risk for significant delays and congestion through 2020 and 2030.

FACT2: Capacity Needs in the National Airspace System, 2007-2025 (PDF, 1.28 MB)
Analysis of airports and metropolitan area demand and operational capacity in 2015 and 2025.

FACT1: Capacity Needs in the National Airspace System Report (PDF)
Analysis of Airport and Metropolitan Area Demand and Operational Capacity in the Future