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Series 150 Advisory Circulars (ACs) for Airport Projects

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New & Revised ACs
Number Title Publication Date
150/5100-13C Development of State Aviation Standards for Airport Pavement Construction (posted 6/30/2020) 12/6/2019
150/5370-10H Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports (posted 6/26/2020)

New/Revised Comments: Errata for AC 150/5370-10H (6/26/2020)

150/5345-53D Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (posted 6/3/2020)

New/Revised Comments: May 2020 Addendum to AC 150/5345-53D (updated 6/3/2020)



Letter Clarifying the Use of Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Components in Certified Airport Lighting Equipment (2/20/2019)

Draft ACs
Number Title Deadline for Comments
150/5320-6G Draft 150/5320-6G, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation (posted 06/23/2020) 8/01/2020
150/5200-30D Draft Change 2 to AC 150/5200-30D, Airport Field Condition Assessments and Winter Operations Safety (posted 12/12/2019) 1/17/2020
150/5000-9B Draft AC 150/5000-9B, Guidelines for Sound Insulation of Structures Exposed to Aircraft Noise (posted 10/28/2019) 12/06/2019

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