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New and Revised FAA Airports Series 150 Advisory Circulars (ACs)

New and Revised FAA Airports Series 150 Advisory Circulars (ACs)
Number Title Publication Date
150/5345-53D Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (posted 6/11/2018)

New/Revised Comments: May2018 Addendum to the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (6/11/2018)

150/5230-4B Aircraft Fuel Storage, Handling, Training, and Dispensing on Airports (posted 4/6/2018)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet (4/6/2018)

Quarter 3 FY 2018 Addendum (3/25/2018) identifies the types of fuel safety programs offered and specifies the schedule for updating the Addendum. 

150/5340-30J Design and Installation Details for Airport Visual Aids (posted 2/15/2018) 2/12/2018
150/5210-17C Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel (posted 7/6/2017)

New/Revised Comments: Updated Addendum for Quarter 4 FY 2017 (7/3/2017)

150/5000-17 Critical Aircraft and Regular Use Determination (posted 6/21/2017) 6/20/2017
150/5210-23 ARFF Vehicle and High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) Operation, Training and Qualifications (posted 4/10/2017) 9/30/2010
150/5220-16E Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) for Non-Federal Applications (posted 3/21/2017) 3/10/2017
150/5200-28F Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for Airport Operators (posted 1/3/2017) 12/30/2016
150/5300-13A Airport Design (posted 12/6/2016)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet for AC 150/5300-13A, Change 1 (4/17/2018)

150/5200-30D Airport Field Condition Assessments and Winter Operations Safety (posted 11/14/2016)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 (3/8/2017)

150/5100-21 State Block Grant Program (posted 11/7/2016) 10/31/2016
150/5220-20A Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment (posted 11/2/2016)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet for AC 150/5220-20A (11/2/2016)

150/5100-19D Guide for Airport Financial Reports Filed by Airport Sponsors (posted 4/28/2016)

New/Revised Comments: Editorially revised to update mailing address for extension requests (4/28/2016).

150/5300-19 Airport Data and Information Program (posted 10/1/2015) 9/30/2015
150/5100-14E Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects (posted 9/28/2015)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 to AC 150/5100-14E (9/25/2015). See the consolidated version of the AC.

150/5300-14C Design of Aircraft Deicing Facilities (posted 8/19/2013) 8/7/2013
150/5000-15B Announcement of Availability of Airport-Related Research and Development Products (posted 7/25/2013) 7/23/2013
150/5200-32B Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes (posted 6/7/2013) 5/31/2013
150/5210-25 Performance Specification for Airport Vehicle Runway Incursion Warning Systems (RIWS) (posted 9/28/2012) 9/28/2012
150/5220-22B Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS) for Aircraft Overruns (posted 9/28/2012) 9/27/2012
150/5150-2C Federal Surplus Personal Property Program for Public Airport Purposes (posted 8/31/2012) 8/31/2012
150/5220-9A Aircraft Arresting Systems (posted 8/16/2012)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet for AC 150/5220-9A. Corrects paragraph 10 so dimensions of reflective circles match those shown Figure 1.

150/5220-21C Aircraft Boarding Equipment (posted 6/29/2012) 6/29/2012
150/5200-36A Qualifications for Wildlife Biologist Conducting Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Training Curriculums for Airport Personnel Involved in Controlling Wildlife Hazards on Airports (Consolidated AC includes Change 1) (posted 1/25/2012)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 (dated 1/31/2013) adds language requiring certificated airports to maintain documentation of airport wildlife biologist qualifications.

150/5100-13B Development of State Standards for Nonprimary Airports (posted 10/18/2011) 8/31/2011
150/5220-25 Airport Avian Radar Systems (posted 11/24/2010) 11/23/2010
150/5000-16 Announcement of Availability of the Guide for Private Flyers - U.S. International Airports (posted 10/1/2010) 9/29/2010
150/5200-35A Submitting the Airport Master Record in Order to Activate a New Airport (posted 9/30/2010) 9/23/2010
150/5210-24 Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management (posted 9/30/2010) 9/30/2010
150/5220-17B Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facilities (posted 9/30/2010)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet for AC 150/5220-17B

150/5210-13C Airport Water Rescue Plans and Equipment (posted 9/29/2010) 9/29/2010
150/5210-5D Painting, Marking, and Lighting of Vehicles Used on an Airport (posted 3/31/2010) 4/1/2010
150/5220-23 Frangible Connections (posted 2/11/2010)

New/Revised Comments: Adds Errata Sheet for AC 150/5220-23 (February 11, 2010)

150/5200-12C First Responders’ Responsibility for Protecting Evidence at the Scene of an Aircraft Accident/Incident (posted 10/2/2009) 9/28/2009
150/5220-24 Foreign Object Debris Detection Equipment (posted 10/2/2009) 9/30/2009
150/5210-19A Driver's Enhanced Vision System (DEVS) (posted 6/12/2009) 6/12/2009
150/5020-1 Noise Control and Compatibility Planning for Airports (posted 5/26/2009) 8/5/1983
150/5050-4 Citizen Participation in Airport Planning (posted 5/26/2009) 9/26/1975
150/5050-8 Environmental Management Systems for Airport Sponsors (posted 5/26/2009) 9/26/2007
150/5070-6B Airport Master Plans (posted 5/26/2009)

New/Revised Comments: Change 2 (1/27/2015)

150/5190-4A A Model Zoning Ordinance to Limit Height of Objects Around Airports (posted 5/26/2009) 12/14/1987
150/5200-18C Airport Safety Self-Inspection (posted 5/26/2009) 4/23/2004
150/5200-33B Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On or Near Airports (posted 5/26/2009) 8/28/2007
150/5200-34A Construction or Establishment of Landfills near Public Airports (posted 5/26/2009) 1/26/2006
150/5200-37 Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Airport Operators (posted 5/26/2009) 2/28/2007
150/5210-14B Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Equipment, Tools and Clothing (posted 5/26/2009) 9/30/2008
150/5210-6D Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Agents (posted 5/26/2009) 7/8/2004
150/5210-7D Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Communications (posted 5/26/2009) 4/14/2008
150/5220-18A Buildings for Storage and Maintenance of Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment and Materials (posted 5/26/2009) 9/14/2007
150/5300-16A General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys: Establishment of Geodetic Control and Submission to the National Geodetic Survey (posted 5/26/2009) 9/15/2007
150/5325-4B Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design (posted 5/26/2009) 7/1/2005
150/5345-13B Specification for L-841 Auxiliary Relay Cabinet Assembly for Pilot Control of Airport Lighting Circuits (posted 5/26/2009) 9/20/2007
150/5345-45C Low-Impact Resistant (LIR) Structures (posted 5/26/2009) 4/6/2007
150/5345-50B Specification for Portable Runway and Taxiway Lights (posted 5/26/2009) 9/20/2007
150/5345-52A Generic Visual Glideslope Indicators (GVGI) (posted 5/26/2009) 9/5/2007
150/5345-55A Specification for L-893, Lighted Visual Aid to Indicate Temporary Runway Closure (posted 5/26/2009) 6/27/2007
150/5345-5B Circuit Selector Switch (posted 5/26/2009) 9/14/2006
150/5360-9 Planning and Design of Airport Terminal Facilities at Non-Hub Locations (posted 5/26/2009) 4/4/1980
150/5370-13A Off-Peak Construction of Airport Pavements Using Hot-Mix Asphalt (posted 5/26/2009) 9/29/2006
150/5370-16 Rapid Construction of Rigid (Portland Cement Concrete) Airfield Pavements (posted 5/26/2009) 9/28/2007
150/5000-13A Announcement Of Availability: RTCA Inc., Document RTCA-221 (posted 5/21/2009) 9/5/2008
150/5200-29A Announcement Of Availability Of Airport Self-Inspection DVD (posted 5/21/2009) 6/5/2007
150/5210-15A Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station Building Design (posted 5/21/2009) 9/10/2008
150/5210-18A Systems for Interactive Training Of Airport Personnel (posted 5/21/2009) 9/29/2008
150/5300-15A Use Of Value Engineering For Engineering And Design Of Airport Grant Projects (posted 5/21/2009) 9/30/2008
150/5320-15A Management Of Airport Industrial Waste (posted 5/21/2009) 9/8/2008
150/5345-26D FAA Specification For L-823 Plug And Receptacle, Cable Connectors (posted 5/21/2009) 9/30/2008
150/5020-2 Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Noise Management (posted 11/9/2007) 9/28/2004
150/5190-6 Exclusive Rights at Federally Obligated Airports (posted 11/7/2007) 1/4/2007
150/5190-7 Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities (posted 11/7/2007) 8/28/2006

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