New and Revised FAA Airports Series 150 Advisory Circulars (ACs)
Number Title Publication Date
150/5345-42H Specification for Airport Light Bases, Transformer Housings, Junction Boxes, and Accessories (posted 11/6/2015) 11/6/2015
150/5200-28E Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for Airport Operators (posted 10/9/2015) 10/8/2015
150/5345-44K Specification for Runway and Taxiway Signs (posted 10/9/2015) 10/8/2015
150/5300-18C Survey and Data Standards for Submission of Aeronautical Data Using Airports GIS (posted 10/1/2015) 9/30/2015
150/5300-19 Airport Data and Information Program (posted 10/1/2015) 9/30/2015
150/5370-12B Quality Management for Federally Funded Airport Construction Projects (posted 9/29/2015) 9/14/2015
150/5100-14E Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects (posted 9/28/2015)

New/Revised Comments: Change 1 to AC 150/5100-14E (9/25/2015). See the consolidated version of the AC.

150/5220-26 Airport Ground Vehicle Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Squitter Equipment (posted 9/28/2015)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet for AC 150/5220-26 (Consolidated) (9/5/2014)

150/5345-53D Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (posted 9/22/2015)

New/Revised Comments: October 2015 Addendum to the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (10/16/2015). 

150/5210-20A Ground Vehicle Operations to include Taxiing or Towing an Aircraft on Airports (posted 9/2/2015) 9/1/2015
150/5370-10G Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports (posted 7/13/2015)

New/Revised Comments: Errata Sheet (dated 7-13-2015) and separate Word files for each part posted.

150/5210-17C Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel (posted 6/12/2015)

New/Revised Comments: Updated Addendum for Quarter 1 FY 2016 (10/1/2015)

150/5230-4B Aircraft Fuel Storage, Handling, Training, and Dispensing on Airports (posted 10/17/2012)

New/Revised Comments: Quarter 1 FY 2016 Addendum (10/1/2015) identifies the types of fuel safety programs offered and specifies the schedule for updating the Addendum. 

150/5200-18C Airport Safety Self-Inspection (posted 5/26/2009) 4/23/2004

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