GEN 0.

GEN 0.1 Preface

  1. Name of the Publishing Authority
    1. The United States of America Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is published by the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration.
  2. Applicable ICAO Documents
    1. The AIP is prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP) of Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the Aeronautical Information Services Manual (ICAO Doc 8126). Charts contained in the AIP are produced in accordance with Annex 4 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the Aeronautical Chart Manual (ICAO Doc 8697). Differences from ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures are given in subsection GEN 1.7.
  3. The AIP Structure and Established Regular Amendment Interval
    1. The AIP Structure
      The AIP is made up of three Parts; General (GEN), En Route (ENR), and Aerodromes (AD); each divided into sections and subsections as applicable, containing various types of information subjects.
      1. PART 1 - General (GEN)
        PART 1 consists of five sections containing information as briefly described hereafter:
        1. GEN 0. - Preface; Record of AIP Amendments; Checklist of AIP Pages; and Table of Contents to PART 1.
        2. GEN 1. National Regulations and Requirements - Designated Authorities; Flights Into or Over U.S. Territorial Airspace; Entry, Transit, and Departure of Cargo; Aircraft Instruments, Equipment, and Flight Documents; Summary of National Regulations and International Agreements/Conventions; and Differences from ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices, and Procedures.
        3. GEN 2. Tables and Codes - Measuring System, Time System, and Aircraft Markings; Abbreviations Used in AIS Publications; Chart Symbols; Location Indicators; List of Radio Navigation Aids; Conversion Tables; and Sunrise/Sunset Tables.
        4. GEN 3. Services - Aeronautical Information Services; Aeronautical Charts; Air Traffic Services; Communication Service; Meteorological Services; Search and Rescue; and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Communications.
        5. GEN 4. Charges for Aerodromes/Heliports and Air Navigation Services - Fees and Charges; and Air Navigation Facility Charges.
      2. PART 2 - En Route (ENR)
        PART 2 consists of seven sections containing information as briefly described hereafter:
        1. ENR 0. - Checklist of AIP Pages; and the Table of Contents to PART 2.
        2. ENR 1. General Rules and Procedures - General Rules; Visual Flight Rules; Instrument Flight Rules; ATS Airspace Classification; Holding, Approach, and Departure Procedures; ATS Surveillance Services and Procedures; Altimeter Setting Procedures; Flight Planning; Addressing of Flight Plans for Domestic or international Flight Planning; National Security and Interception Procedures; Medical Facts for Pilots; Safety, Hazard, and Accident Reports; and Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) and Area Navigation (RNAV).
        3. ENR 2. Air Traffic Services Airspace.
        4. ENR 3. ATS Routes - Lower ATS Routes; Upper ATS Routes; Area Navigation Routes; and Other Routes.
        5. ENR 4. Navigation Aids/Systems - Navigation Aids - En Route; and Special Navigation Systems.
        6. ENR 5. Navigation Warnings - Prohibited, Restricted, and Other Areas; Military Exercise and Training Areas; Bird Migration and Areas with Sensitive Fauna; and Potential Flight Hazards.
        7. ENR 6. Helicopter Operations - Helicopter IFR Operations; and Special Operations.
        8. ENR 7. Oceanic Operations - General Procedures; Data Link Procedures; Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace; Operational Policy 50 NM Lateral Separation; Operational Policy ADS-C Distance-Based Separation; North Atlantic (NAT) Oceanic Clearance Procedures; North Atlantic (NAT) Timekeeping Procedures; North Atlantic (NAT) Safety Information; San Juan FIR Customs Procedures; Y-Routes; Atlantic High Offshore Airspace Offshore Routes Supporting Florida Airspace Optimization; Reduced Separation Climb/Descent Procedures; and New York Oceanic Control Area (OCA) West Flight Level Allocation.
      3. PART 3 - Aerodromes (AD)
        PART 3 consists of three sections containing information as briefly described hereafter:
        1. AD 0. - Checklist of AIP Pages; and Table of Contents to PART 3.
        2. AD 1. Aerodromes - Introduction: Aerodrome Availability.
        3. AD 2. Aerodromes: Listing of Aerodromes.
    2. Regular Amendment Interval
      Regular amendments to the AIP will be issued every 6 months on Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) effective dates listed in TBL GEN 0.1-1. A list of all AIRAC effective dates are contained in TBL GEN 0.1-2.

      TBL GEN 0.1-1
      Publication Schedule

      New Edition or

      Cutoff Date
      for Submission

      Effective Date
      of Publication


      5 OCT 23

      21 MAR 24

      Amendment 1

      21 MAR 24

      5 SEP 24

      Amendment 2

      5 SEP 24

      20 FEB 25

      Amendment 3

      20 FEB 25

      7 AUG 25


      7 AUG 25

      22 JAN 26

      Amendment 1

      22 JAN 26

      9 JUL 26

      Amendment 2

      9 JUL 26

      24 DEC 26

      Amendment 3

      24 DEC 26

      10 JUN 27

      TBL GEN 0.1-2
      AIRAC System Effective Dates






      25 JAN

      22 FEB

      21 MAR

      18 APR

      16 MAY

      13 JUN

      11 JUL

      8 AUG

      5 SEP

      3 OCT

      31 OCT

      28 NOV

      26 DEC

      23 JAN

      20 FEB

      20 MAR

      17 APR

      15 MAY

      12 JUN

      10 JUL

      7 AUG

      4 SEP

      2 OCT

      30 OCT

      27 NOV

      25 DEC

      22 JAN

      19 FEB

      19 MAR

      16 APR

      14 MAY

      11 JUN

      9 JUL

      6 AUG

      3 SEP

      1 OCT

      29 OCT

      26 NOV

      24 DEC

      21 JAN

      18 FEB

      18 MAR

      15 APR

      13 MAY

      10 JUN

      8 JUL

      5 AUG

      2 SEP

      30 SEP

      28 OCT

      25 NOV

      23 DEC

      20 JAN

      17 FEB

      16 MAR

      13 APR

      11 MAY

      8 JUN

      6 JUL

      3 AUG

      31 AUG

      28 SEP

      26 OCT

      23 NOV

      21 DEC

  4. Service to Contact in Case of Detected AIP Errors or Omissions
    1. In the compilation of the AIP, care has been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and complete. Any errors and omissions which may be detected, as well as any correspondence concerning the Aeronautical Information Publication, should be referred to:

      FAA National Headquarters (FOB-10B)
      Publications and Administration (AJV-P12)
      Attn: AIP Editor, Room 5E41NS
      600 Independence Avenue, SW.
      Washington, DC 20597
      To submit comments electronically, please email:
  5. Subscription Information
    1. This publication is distributed electronically to all who subscribe to receive email notifications through the FAA's website. All organizations are responsible for viewing, downloading, and subscribing to receive email notifications when changes occur to this order. Subscriptions to air traffic directives can be made through the Air Traffic Plans and Publications website at or directly via the following link: