Section 5. Runway Selection

  1. The ATCT supervisor/controller-in-charge (CIC) determines which runway/s are designated RUNWAY IN USE/ACTIVE RUNWAY/DUTY RUNWAY.
  2. Assign the runway/s most nearly aligned with the wind when 5 knots or more, or the “calm wind” runway when less than 5 knots unless:
  1. Use of another runway is operationally advantageous.
  2. A Runway Use Program is in effect.
  1. Tailwind and crosswind considerations take precedence over delay/capacity considerations, and noise abatement operations/procedures/agreements.
  2. If a pilot prefers to use a runway different from that specified, the pilot is expected to advise ATC. ATC may honor such requests as soon as is operationally practicable. ATC will advise pilots when the requested runway is noise-sensitive.

Use STOL runways as follows:

  1. A designated STOL runway may be assigned only when requested by the pilot or as specified in a letter of agreement with an aircraft operator.
  2. Issue the measured STOL runway length if the pilot requests it.

When authorizing use of runways and a tailwind component exists, always state both wind direction and velocity.


The wind may be described as “calm” when appropriate.


FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 2-6-3, Reporting Weather Conditions.