Section 5. Jettisoning of External Stores


At locations where a drop area has been established for radar assistance in jettisoning of external stores, provide vectoring service upon request to:


  1. Where required, a mutually satisfactory drop area for the jettisoning of external stores will be determined by radar‐equipped towers and centers in cooperation with the local USAF units, Air Division, or civil operators and civil aircraft companies concerned.
  2. FAA and Headquarters, USAF, have agreed to allow FAA facilities to vector USAF, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard aircraft for jettisoning of all external stores; i.e., tip tanks, JATO racks, special weapons, etc. Any similar vectoring service given to civil operators and civil aircraft companies operating Air Force type aircraft requires written agreement between the FAA and the user to relieve the FAA of possible liability. The regional counsel's office acts for FAA in executing this agreement.
  1. USAF, ANG, and Air Force Reserve aircraft at any time.
  2. Civil operators and civil aircraft when a written agreement is in effect for your location.