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Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification Guidance

FSTD Directives

FSTD Directives are legally enforceable rules issued by FAA in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 60 to correct an unsafe condition that requires a sponsor to modify an FSTD.

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FD Number Description Effective Date
FSTD Directive #1 (PDF) Class II and Class III Visual Airport Model Evaluation

Regulatory Reference:
Part 60 QPS Appendix A, Attachment 6
Part 60 QPS Appendix C, Attachment 5

Related Guidance:
NSP Guidance Bulletin 10-03 (PDF)
FSTD Directive #2 (PDF) Full Stall, UPRT, Icing, Crosswind, and Bounced Landing Training Tasks

Regulatory Reference:
Part 60 QPS Appendix A, Attachment 6

Related Guidance:
NSP Guidance Bulletin 16-03 (PDF)
NSP Guidance Bulletin 16-02 (PDF)
NSP Guidance Bulletin 14-01 (PDF)
NSP Guidance Bulletin 11-05 (PDF)
NSP Guidance Bulletin 11-04 (PDF)

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