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Records Management Officers (RMO)

For questions or comments, email the Records Management Office.

Richard W. Mattison, FAA Records Program Manager (FAA RM)
Federal Aviation Administration (ASP-110)
(202) 267-0540

Lisa Edwards
Office of Information & Technology (ASP-110)
(817) 222-4277

Patrick Austin
Office of Finance and Management (AFN-130)
(202) 267-3176

Deborah Lee-Urguhart
Office of The Administrator (AOA-002)
(202) 267-8022

Carey Young
Office of Communications (AOC-001)
(202) 267-9940

Daryl F. Barnes
Office of Audits and Evaluations (AAE-001)
(202) 267-9972

Kurt Owermohle
Security and Hazardous Materials Safety (ASH-003)
(202) 267-7775

VACANT, FAA Records Program Coordinator (FAA)
Office of Government and Industry Affairs (AGI-005)

Wendy Beech
Office of the Chief Counsel (AGC-600)
(202) 267-0330

Simone Ramdeen
Office of Civil Rights (ACR-003)
(202) 267-0805

Almaria Lee
Office of Policy, International Affairs and Environment (APL-10R)
(202) 267-0971

Ernesto Villacarlos
Airports (ARP-010)
(202) 267-8796

Kelly Batherwich
Aviation Safety (AQS-100)
(781) 238-7133

Takisha Brown (Acting)
Air Traffic Organization (AJG-P32)
(202) 267-0772

Christina Vernon
Commercial Space Transportation (AST-003)
(202) 267-8413

David Strand
Office of NextGen (ANG-A21)
(202) 267-9458

Nicole Courtney
Office of Human Resource Management (AHP-100)

Amber Behe-Meyer
Office of Regions and Property Operations (ARO-003)

Sarah G.M. DeWitt
Alaska Region (AAL-031)
(907) 271-5248

Gordon Evans
Central Region (ACE-031)
(816) 329-3011

Anne Carlucci-Savich
Eastern Region (AEA-031)
(718) 553-3003

Terri Poyer
Great Lakes Region (AGL-001)
(847) 294-7369

Kerry Chamberlain
New England Region (ANE-001)
(781) 238-7021

Marie Knox
Northwest Mountain Region (ANM-031)
(425) 227-2090

Dion Blassingame
Southern Region (ASO-031)
(404) 305-5917

Rose Daily
Southwest Region (ASW-030)
(817) 222-5801

Cheryl Thompson
Western Pacific Region (AWP-001)
(310) 725-6521

Onekia Smallwood
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (AMC-3)
Oklahoma City
(405) 954-8358

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