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Reference Library

  • Order 8900.1, Volume 10, Air Transportation Oversight System
  • 14 CFR Part 121 Certification Process (HTM)
    Covers 14 CFR Part 121 Certification.
  • Data Collection Tools
    Information on the tools used in conducting surveillance on Air Carriers.
  • Evolution of System Safety Oversight (PDF)
    Outlines how we have, are, and will evolve the systems approach to oversight.
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
    SMS is the formal, top-down business approach to managing safety risk, which includes a systemic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. (Order VS 8000.367).

    Safety Management Systems (SMSs) for product/service providers (certificate holders) and regulators will integrate modern safety risk management and safety assurance concepts into repeatable, proactive systems. SMSs emphasize safety management as a fundamental business process to be considered in the same manner as other aspects of business management.

  • Safety Assurance System (SAS)
    Current FAA oversight processes have contributed to an outstanding safety record. However, as we strive to make the skies as safe as possible and anticipate future needs and challenges, the FAA must re-evaluate its approach to safety oversight. To best target risk areas and optimize FAAs oversight resources, the FAA is transitioning to a data-driven risk-based oversight system.

    The Flight Standards’ (FS) Safety Assurance System (SAS), currently under development by the SASO Program Office, is the combination of people, processes, and technology that will be FSs safety assurance capability. In 2013, the FS SAS will be the new oversight system for 14 CFR Parts 121, 135, and 145, and will eventually be used for all other applicable CFR Parts.

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