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SASO Contacts

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  • Email
  • Address:
    Federal Aviation Administration
    SASO Program Office (AFS-900)
    Hallmark Building, Suite 160
    13873 Park Center Road
    Herndon, VA 20171

  • Phone: (703) 487-3927

Program Office Staff

  • Mohammad Wasique, Program Office Manager (PMP)
  • Linda Suppan, SASO Program Manager (ATO)
  • Valerie Outlaw, Supervisory Program Manager (ATO)
  • David Killian, Supervisory ASI, Assistant Program Manager
  • John Frye, System Alignment (IT) Technical Lead
  • Glenn Gosnell, ASI, Business Process Lead
  • Bart Robey, Management and Program Analyst (MPA)
  • Sandra Wagner, Management and Program Analyst (MPA)
  • Bruce Ryerson, ASI, FSIMS Program Manager
  • Phil Bolyard, ASI, Change Management Person of Responsibility (POR)
  • Jim Elick, ASI, Change Management  POR
  • Mark Pleasants, ASI, Change Management POR
  • Andy Rembert, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Stephen Haskell, ASI (Systems Alignment)
  • Doug Stow, ASI (Systems Alignment)
  • Dan Porter, ASI, (Systems Alignment) Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS) National Point of Contact (POC)
  • Loanne Alford, Operations Research Analyst (ORA), PASS National POC (Change Management)
  • Denise Beaudoin, Administrative Officer

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