eFAST Open Season 7

Submit Proposals

The Open Season 7 (OS7) site reopened for Proposal Submissions on June 28, 2021 and the end-date has been rescheduled for September 13, 2021.

Reference Contract Upload

For Vendors who would like to submit a 2nd Reference Contract and are not able to, please merge BOTH Reference Contracts into a single .pdf, note the details of both on the form and re-upload with a different file name.

Clarification of DSBS / SAM Report Download / Upload

The DSBS Report and SAM Report can be downloaded from their respective sites and uploaded to the Vendor's OS7 Proposal at any time during the submission period.

Price-Cost Worksheet Version 3.4

  • >Conditional formatting has been removed from the out-year prices to eliminate them from turning 'pink' when they exceed base-year prices.
  • All columns have been unhidden on the Unlocked Worksheet tab to ensure all formulas are visible and available to Vendors.

There is no impact to prior submissions however the team wanted to reduce some confusion for Vendors.

Reference Contract FAQ Update

An article has been added to the Help Center to address questions around the definitions of terms.

Acknowledgment of Amendments Update

The references to specific amendments, Amendment 1, Amendment 2 and Amendment 3, are to be deleted and ignored.