Office of Investment Planning & Analysis

What We Do

The Office of Investment Planning & Analysis supports strategic investment decision-making at the FAA by ensuring major capital investments are supported by robust business cases.

  • Primarily works within the Concepts & Requirements Definition (CRD) and Investment Analysis (IA) phases of the Acquisition Management System lifecycle;

  • Manage and coordinate issues related to internal and agency-wide cost control programs,

  • Works with the program offices to validate the shortfall the investment plans to address, properly characterize the urgency of the investment, and review the early cost and schedule estimates used to support budget formulation; and

  • Performs detailed reviews of the schedule, cost, and benefits estimates for each of the program alternatives, as well as reviewing the overall business case for the investment, including strategic alignment, acquisition and support strategy, risk, and economic return to the public and the agency.

These analyses assist the agency in prioritizing competing investments and support a number of customers, including the Joint Resources Council for investment decisions, Capital Budget for the establishment of the investment's Acquisition Program Baseline, the Capital Investment Team for the capital budget formulation process, and the acquisition team through the Independent Government Cost Estimate.