Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accountability Board?

On July 1, 1998, the FAA Administrator established the Accountability Board to provide oversight and ensure that management is accountable for responding to allegations of sexual harassment, misconduct of a sexual nature, and related reprisal. The Board, comprised of senior level executives, sets standardized procedures so that management responds to allegations in a timely, consistent, and appropriate manner.

In 2000, the Administrator expanded the scope of the Board to include harassment or other misconduct based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

In 2018, the scope of the Board expanded further to include the inappropriate use of genetic information, social media and management's failure to report allegations to the Board.

What kinds of allegations does the Board cover?

The Accountability Board reviews management's responses to:

  • Allegations of sexual harassment that may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when submission to, or rejection of, such advances or requests:
    • Are made a term of employment; or
    • Are the basis for employment decision; or
    • Unreasonably interfere with an individual's work performance or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.
  • Allegations or incidents of misconduct of a sexual nature that include behavior that falls short of the legal definition of sexual harassment but impact on job performance, or are not conducive to a professional work environment.
  • Allegations or incidents of verbal, written, graphic, or physical harassment and other misconduct that create, or that may reasonably be expected to create, an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment based on:
    • Race
    • Color
    • Religion
    • Sex
    • Sexual Orientation
    • National Origin
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Sexual Misconduct
    • Genetic Information
    • Management's Failure to Report
  • Allegations of reprisal for participating in the Accountability Board process.

The scope of the Accountability Board does not include allegations of discrimination involving:

  • Non-selections
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Promotions
  • Performance Management
  • Other Personnel Actions

The Accountability Board reviews actions taken by management for timeliness, consistency, and appropriateness, but does not recommend or take disciplinary action. The function of the Accountability Board is oversight; it does not usurp managerial or supervisory authority or responsibility.

What are the timeframes for reporting?

  • Anyone reporting allegations or incidents of harassment or misconduct within the scope of the Accountability Board should report to management or the Accountability Board as soon as possible after the incident occurs – but no later than 60 working days after the date the incident allegedly occurred.
  • Management must report allegations to the Accountability Board within two working days from the date of becoming aware of the allegation. Allegations reported to EEO counselors, Office of Civil Rights Staff, and the Administrator's Hotline must also be reported to the Accountability Board within two working days.
  • Management has 15 working days from the date it became aware of the allegation to conduct an inquiry and propose action.

If management believes that the allegation warrants a security investigation (based on the sensitivity and complexity of the allegation), management forwards the request for investigation to the Accountability Board staff who will, in turn, forward the request to the Office the Assistant Administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials. Security has 30 working days from the date of referral to complete the investigation and generate a report of investigation (ROI). Management has 10 working days from the receipt of the ROI to proposed action.

Who are the Members of the Board?

  • Executive Director, Accountability Board
  • Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management
  • Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights
  • Assistant Administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials
  • Representative from the Office of the Chief Counsel
  • Representative from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation's Office of Human Resource Management
  • Associate/Assistant Administrator employing the individual against whom the allegation is made