FAA Student Volunteer Service Program


Question Answer
General: The FAA Student Volunteer Service Program provides educationally related work assignments to students in a non-pay status, along with providing a positive work and learning and developmental experience. Under 5 U.S.C. 3111, Student volunteers do not receive Federal appointments, and is not a Federal employee for any purpose other than for purposes of Federal Tort claims arising as a result of student participation, or for injuries sustained during performance of work assignments. Service is not creditable for leave or any other employee benefits (e.g., travel subsistence expenses, housing, relocation, or any other reimbursement or payment).
  • Students must be at least 16 years old.
  • Students must be U.S. Citizens.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least half-time courses, as defined by the academic institution.
Open To: Students (college, high school, technical or vocational) enrolled or accepted in a diploma, certificate, or a degree-seeking program (e.g., associate, undergraduate, or graduate).
Compensation: Uncompensated at no cost to FAA.
Work experience opportunity only.
Periods: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Selection Process: Recommended by academic institution, and placed on a FAA Student Volunteer Agreement.
Program Contact: Contact your local Human Resource Management office for additional information or email us at studentprograms@faa.gov.