Jacki Holzman

Deputy Regional Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration, Alaskan Region

Jacki Holzman

Ms. Holzman leads a team of dedicated staff and represents the FAA and the Regional Administrator addressing aviation safety and efficiency. Ms. Holzman started with FAA in 1992 in the Environmental Compliance Section of Airway Facilities as an environmental engineer. In 1999, she moved to the Telecommunications System Management Section. As a general engineer, Jacki installed satellite communications facilities at 12 remote Alaska airports.

Ms. Holzman has worked for the Alaskan Region Regional Administrator since 2002 in several positions: Congressional liaison, regional planning officer, Process Improvement Integrator, Special Programs Integrator, and Senior Advisor. Jacki has worked extensively across FAA organizations and with external stakeholders focusing on aviation safety partnerships. She regularly briefs distinguished visitors from within and outside FAA on the challenges of managing an aviation system in Alaska.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science.

Hobbies: Japanese taiko drumming, Zimbabwean marimba, yoga, swimming, photography, gardening, and exploring Alaska's beauty