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Commercial Transportation Operations

Our Mission

AMA-230 Commercial Transportation Branch – Operations, promotes aviation safety by providing the highest quality, and up to date training, utilizing advanced delivery methods and technically qualified instructors in a state-of-the-art learning environment.

Each of the instructors are experienced field inspectors with many years of hands on responsibilities prior to being accepted as instructors in AMA-230.

AMA-230 Commercial Transportation Branch instructs General Aviation Inspectors (ASI), Principal Operations Inspectors (POI), check pilots, and industry personnel utilizing a variety of delivery mediums from instructor led paperless classrooms, to hands on flight training devices located right here at the academy. The courses subjects range from automation, focusing on the use of FAA record and data programs, to technical training for inspectors, providing them the training necessary to manage air carrier certificates and airmen certifications.

AMA-230 conducts training for approximately two thousand students annually in twenty three different instructor led courses at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City.

AMA-230 instructors also provide a standardized source of technical assistance and subject matter expertise to both field inspectors and industry personnel.

Acting Manager: Jay Tevis

Telephone: (405) 954-5800

Fax: (405) 954-5419

Automation Courses
Course Number Course Title Available to Industry
22009 Advanced SPAS for NPG X
21423 Flight Standards Automation Tools X
12032 FSIS for Aviation Safety Assistants X
22005 SPAS Safety Performance Analysis System X
Technical Courses
Course Number Course Title Available to Industry
21609 Agricultural Aircraft Operations Certification and Inspection X
21000077 Air Ambulance Ops Oversight X
22100 Air Carrier Certification & Surveillance, FAR Part 135 X
22104 Recurrent FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Cert & Insp. X
12062 Crew Resource Mgmt. (Initial) X
12036 Crew Resource Mgmt. (Recurrent) for General Aviation and 135 Air Carrier Inspectors/Pilots X
12060 Flight Safety Officer (Initial) Training  
12061 Flight Safety Officer (Recurrent) Technical Training  
21000071 GA OPS Airman/Designee PAW X
18801 General Aviation Operations Indoctrination (Revised) X
21000053 PAW I X
21000078 PAW II X
22101 Pilot School Certification Part 141 X
27100199 Written Communications for Field Managers  
21000122 PAW for Unmanned Aircraft Systems  

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