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Aircraft Certification by the Numbers

The FAA constantly evolves so we can work smarter, efficiently and target our resources to keep pace with our dynamic industry and technology. The FAA's certification processes have produced safely designed airplanes for decades and we continuously improve to maintain our position as the world's leader in aviation safety.

  • Since 1964, the regulations covering certification processes have been under constant review. As a result, our regulations have been modified more than 90 times, and the rules applicable to large transport aircraft have been amended more than 130 times.
  • During the past 10 years, U.S. airlines have carried more than 7.4 billion passengers on 90 million safe flights with a single fatality. This unprecedented safety record is the result of a robust safety culture built on a foundation of continuous improvement.
  • Delegation has been used for 60 years. There are currently 79 FAA ODA holders (PDF).
  • The FAA issues more than 300 safety-related Airworthiness Directives each year for operators to fix aviation products.

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