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AD ARC Deliverables and Implementing Actions

Final Products

For the products listed below, where a link is —

  • provided, the information / course is available to the public.
  • not provided, the information / course is available to only FAA.

Note: The final products listed below were the original AD ARC deliverables. The referenced documents/items may have been subsequently revised.

Continued Operational Safety
Number Title
Advisory Circulars (ACs)
AC 39-7 Airworthiness Directives
AC 39-9 Airworthiness Directives Management Process
AC 20-176 Design Approval Holder Best Practices with Regards to Airworthiness Directives
AC 120-16 Air Carrier Maintenance Programs
AC 120-79 Developing and Implementing an Air Carrier Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS)
ATOS Data Collection Tools (DCTs) Elements 1.3.1; 1.3.3; 1.3.4; 1.3.6; 2.1.1
N8110.114 Placing Service Information into the Federal Docket Management System
(Note: N8110.114 replaces N8110.112. The information contained in N8110.114 will be included in the next revision to the Airworthiness Directive Manual (FAA-IR-M 8040.1) which is to be issued in 2015.)
8100.15 Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Procedures
8110.37 Designated Engineering Representative (DER) Handbook
8110.103 Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC), including change 1 to revision A (Section. 3-7, Is AEG Coordination Required?)
8110.107 Monitor Safety/Analyze Data (MSAD)
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 59, Sect. 1, Evaluating an Airworthiness Directives Management Process
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 59, Sect. 2, Reserved (See Vol. 3, Ch. 59, Sect. 3 note below.)
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 59, Sect. 3, Processing Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) Proposals to Airworthiness Directives (ADs) (Note: Includes information previously contained in Vol. 3, Ch 59, Sect. 2.)
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 59, Sect. 4, Requesting 24/7 Support for Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC)
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 60, Sect. 1, Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) Decisionmaking
  • Vol. 8, Ch. 2, Sect. 2, Aircraft Evaluation Groups
  • Vol. 8, Ch. 2, Sect. 9, Aircraft Evaluation Group Outreach in the Airworthiness Directives Process
  • Vol. 10, Ch. 3, Sect. 1, Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS), Risk Management Process
FAA-IR-M 8040.1 Airworthiness Directives Manual
FS 1100.1 Flight Standards Service Organizational Handbook
Industry Specifications
iSpec 2200 Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance
(Available for purchase from Airlines for America (A4A) Publications web page:)
Spec 111 Airworthiness Concern Coordination
(Available from A4A. Please contact A4A directly as it is not posted to their Publications webpage.)
25704 Updated Foundations for Principal Inspectors
21000079 Airworthiness Evaluation Group (AEG) Roles and Responsibilities Classroom
27100159 Airworthiness Evaluation Group (AEG) Roles and Responsibilities Web-based
27100009 AD Management Training Course
eLMS Training on the 24/7 Alternate Method of Compliance (AMOC) Process
24/7 AMOC Process (MS PowerPoint)
Note: Some information in this presentation is no longer current. Please see the latest version of Order 8110.103 for current guidance on the 24/7 AMOC Support Process.
FAA-2010-1167, Proposed FAA Airworthiness Directive Legal Interpretation
AEG Staffing Memo, issued by AFS
AEG Role and Reconnect Memo, issued by AFS-1
24/7 AMOC Process Briefing Memo to Field Inspectors, issued by AFS
Updated (Domestic) AD Worksheet, to include affecting/overlapping AD action and credit for actions accomplished on an earlier service information revision
Updated AD Template, to include maintenance of mandatory design changes, and credit for actions accomplished using an earlier service information revision
MCAI NPRMs comment period increased to 45 days to standardize with domestic NPRMs

See AD ARC Deliverables and Implementing Actions, Future Deliverables

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