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AD ARC Working Group Papers

As discussed in the final report, the AD ARC’s working groups developed working papers that documented their review, analysis, and decisions. The AD ARC approved these unedited working papers, listed below in the order they are discussed in Appendices A through D of the final report.

Appendix A - Service Information Working Group

  • A2.1 (PDF)  Corrective Action Decision Guidelines
  • A2.2 (PDF)  Critical Task Differentiation
  • A2.3 (PDF)  Detailed Instructions (Clarify Figures)
  • A2.4 (PDF)  Expedite Service Information Development
  • A2.5 (PDF)  Flexibility
  • A2.6 (PDF)  Lead Airline Process
  • A2.7 (PDF)  Maintaining Airworthiness
  • A2.8 (PDF)  Maintain Airworthiness - Production versus In-service Maintenance
  • A2.9 (PDF)  Simplified Service Bulletin Format
  • A2.10 (PDF)  Standard Practices

Appendix B - Airworthiness Directive Development Working Group

  • B2.1 (PDF)  Earlier Service Bulletin Credit
  • B2.2 (PDF)  Efficient and Effective AD Process
  • B2.3 (PDF)  Ex Parté Communications
  • B2.4 (PDF)  First Compliance Date
  • B2.5 (PDF)  Harmonization
  • B2.6 (PDF)  Overlapping ADs
  • B2.7 (PDF)  Posting Service Information

Appendix C - Airworthiness Directive Implementation Working Group

  • C2.1 (PDF)  AD Installation and EWIS Training
  • C2.2 (PDF)  Air Carrier AD Compliance Process
  • C2.3 (PDF)  All AMOCs Global
  • C2.4 (PDF)  ASIs and AD Prototyping
  • C2.5 (PDF)  CMO Role in AMOC Process
  • C2.6 (PDF)  Communication and 24/7 AMOC Process
  • C2.7 (PDF)  Maintaining AD Configurations
  • C2.8 (PDF)  Prototype ADs, Work Done Prior to AD

Appendix D - FAA Organization/Procedures Working Group

  • D2.1 (PDF)  AD Compliance Planning
  • D2.2 (PDF)  AEG Roles and Responsibilities
  • D2.3 (PDF)  ASI Decision making
  • D2.4 (PDF)  Delegation
  • D2.5 (PDF)  Part 39

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