Emergency Airworthiness Directives

An Emergency AD is issued when an unsafe condition exists that requires immediate action by an owner/operator.

Who is affected by an Emergency AD?

An Emergency AD may be distributed by Fax, letter, or other methods. It is issued and effective to only the people who actually receive it. This is known as “actual notice.”

Who will receive an Emergency AD?

All known owners and operators of affected U.S.-registered aircraft or those aircraft that are known to have an affected product installed will be sent a copy of an Emergency AD.

Is an Emergency AD published in the Federal Register?

To make the AD effective to all persons, follow up publication of the Final Rule AD in the Federal Register is critical. This Final Rule AD must be identical to the Emergency AD, and is normally published in the Federal Register within 30 days of the Emergency AD issue date.

Last updated: Thursday, June 23, 2022