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Design Approval Holder Reporting Requirements

Report Occurrences of Certain Failures, Malfunctions and Defects

Title 14 CFR 21.3 includes information and specific requirements about:
  • Failures, malfunctions and defects to be reported – Section 21.3(c)
  • Situations to which the reporting requirements do not apply – Section 21.3(d)
  • Special circumstances for TSOA holders – Section 21.3(f)
  • Who, what, when –
    • To whom you must send your report
    • What to include in your report
    • When you must send your report – Section 21.3(e)

Reporting process

  • Establish information to report
  • Establish means of reporting
  • Determine whom to report to
  • Collect, monitor, and investigate safety event
  • Determine if safety events need to be reported
  • Report safety occurrences
  • Keep FAA informed of progress and follow-up report

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