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Design Approval Holders Obligations Technical Standard Order Authorization Holders

Additional Obligations

TSOA Holders must:

  • Manufacture the article in accordance with 14 CFR part 21 and the applicable Technical Standard Order (14 CFR 21.607)
  • Conduct all required tests and inspections and establish and maintain a quality control system adequate to ensure that the article meets the above requirement and is in condition for safe operation (14 CFR 21.607)
  • Prepare and maintain, for each model of each article for which a Technical Standard Order authorization has been issued, a current of complete technical data and records (14 CFR 21.607)
  • Permanently and legibly mark each article to which this section applies with the following information: (14 CFR 21.607)
  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • The name, type, part number, or model designation of the article
  • The serial number or the date of manufacture of the article or both
  • The applicable Technical Standard Order number
  • Keep and retain records (14 CFR 21.613)

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