Obtaining Certification Approval from Brazil

Steps to Obtain ANAC Certification Approvals

Type Certificate (TC)

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)


The Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness (IPA) between the FAA and the Brazil National Agency for Civil Aviation (ANAC) references an outside list, identified in section Safety Emphasis Items (SEI).

ANAC lists: apply to U.S. approvals seeking validation by the ANAC

  • Safety Emphasis Items (SEI) Lists
    • RBAC 23: Small Airplanes
    • RBAC 25: Transport Category Airplanes
    • Aircraft Engines and Propellers: For RBAC 33 and 35 validations all products to be used in Brazilian State of Design Aircraft are non-basic. For all other products the SEI criteria does not apply.
    • Rotorcraft: For RBAC 27 and RBAC 29 the SEI criteria do not apply

FAA lists: apply to Brazilian approvals seeking validation by the FAA

Last updated: Wednesday, March 8, 2023