U.S. - European Union Safety Agreement

Executive Agreement


Annex 1 – Airworthiness and Environmental Certification Annex

The Airworthiness and Environmental Certification Annex facilitates reciprocal acceptance of airworthiness approvals that enable the import and export of civil aviation products and parts between the United States and the European Union.

As determined in the Technical Implementation Procedures, this allows for the import of aeronautical products, including components, into the United States.

Technical Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification (TIP)

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The European Union has designated that import, export, and oversight of certain 'low risk' civil aviation products are not covered by the EU, and will be administered by individual EU member state aviation authorities. These products are defined in Annex 1 of REGULATION (EU) 2018/1139. These products are governed by agreements with the National Aviation Authority (NAA) of the individual EU member state(s) for which EASA has not superseded the NAA's regulatory responsibility.

Annex 2 – Maintenance Annex

The Maintenance Annex covers the reciprocal acceptance of findings of compliance, approvals, documentation, and technical assistance regarding approvals and monitoring of repair stations/maintenance organizations.

Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG)

Annex 3 – Pilot Licensing Annex

The Pilot Licensing Annex enables reciprocal acceptance of private pilot licenses, as well as night and instrument ratings, by both EASA and the FAA.

Technical Implementation Procedures – Licensing (TIP-L)

Annex 4 – Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) Annex

The Flight Simulation Training Devices Annex allows the FAA and European Union or Member State authorities to conduct recurrent evaluations on airplane Full Flight Simulators on each other's behalf in the U.S. and in Europe.

Technical Implementation Procedures – Simulator (TIP-S)

For general questions regarding these safety agreements, please contact Aviation Safety (AVS) International at 

For questions specific to Aircraft Certification, Annex 1, or TIP, contact the Aircraft Certification International Office (AIR-40) at 9-awa-avs-air400@faa.gov

For questions specific to Flight Standards, Annexes 2-4, MAG, TIP-L, or TIP-S, contact the Flight Standards International Program Division (AFS-50) at 9-awa-avs-afs-050@faa.gov

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