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Aircraft Certification Service (AIR)
Draft Technical Standard Orders (TSOs) Open for Comment

Document Title: TSO-C159e, Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS) Equipment
Summary: This revision to the current TSO-C159d incorporates an updated NGSS MOPS (RTCA DO-262E) to include (1) improved interference protections by defining new DLNA/diplexer components, and (2) incorporating recent improvements to information security and protection processes to improve information security and protection for SATCOM systems.
Documents for Download: Draft Document
Draft Document Comment Grid
Reference: 14 CFR Parts 21, 45
Comments Due: July 17, 2021
How to Comment: Submit comments by email the comments sheet above. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, email submissions are strongly preferred.�� The FAA may not receive regular mail submissions in a timely manner for consideration.

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