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Aircraft Certification Service (AIR)
Draft Technical Standard Orders (TSOs) Open for Comment

Document Title: TSO-C132b, Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Geosynchronous Orbit Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services (AMSS) Avionics
Summary: This update is to mitigate interference on INMARSAT Classic Aero satellite communications (SATCOM) systems from the newly authorized Ligado Ancillary Terrestrial Communication (ATC) system. It adopts RTCA DO-210D Change 5, which adds new RF filters at the front end of the radio assembly. Equipment manufactured under TSO-C132a can be upgraded to this TSO by replacing the Diplexer Low Noise Amplifier (DLNA) with one identified and manufactured using this TSO. As such, this TSO is also applicable to manufacture of a DLNA subassembly only.
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Reference: TSO-C132B
Comments Due: October 4, 2020
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